More about Lomdeha

Lomdeha was started as a result of the closing of Midreshet Shalhevet High School (MSH).  The juniors of MSH had to graduate early and miss their senior year. They wanted a place to continue their Torah learning while in College.  Lomdeha was founded by Mrs. Aliza Feder, a parent of one of those girls.

Lomdeha was started to fill a specific need for the students of MSH, but its vision is to become a local women's Beit Medrash program.  This year, Lomdeha will open its doors to college aged women of the community on Fridays with shiurim and programming. The following academic year, 2021-2022, Lomdeha hopes to have a daily Beit Medrash style program for women interested in advanced Torah study. Its goal is to be a Makom Torah for women of all ages to participate actively in advancing their own learning through thought provoking and analytical shiurim and seminars.

Lomdeha strives to provide an intensive Torah learning experience which combines both Beit Medrash style chavruta learning and Shiurim. The classes and programs cover topics from Tanach, Gemara, practical Halacha, and Hashkafa.  Classical and contemporary commentators are studied along with the primary sources to elucidate the text. Through its study, Torah is highlighted as a source of wisdom applicable to everyone.  Lomdeha draws its staff and guest speakers from top notch Torah Scholars and educators. The Lomdeha staff provide a supportive and engaging atmosphere, ideal for intellectual and spiritual growth.